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Cornwall Healing Arts Upon entering Cornwall Healing Arts you will be greeted by the delicate fragrances of pure beeswax candles and natural essential oils. The sound of gentle music soothes your senses as you exhale a long breath of stress from the world outside.

You are enfolded by an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation as you await your upcoming session. Glancing at the walls you discover newspaper clipping s displaying longstanding loyalty by the Center's staff who have donated their time & energy to sharing and education the community. Filling the shelves are the specialized selection of natural health products to pamper & nurture your body.

Aldea Gowsell, Registered Massage Therapist, Traditional Reiki Master & Energy Therapist is the founder & co-owner of the Healing Arts Center and a graduate of Kikkiawa College (1995) in Toronto.

Along with her divinely guided and intuitive Energy Medicine, Aldea's very accomplished practice consists of Reiki Sessions, TheraStone Hot Stone Massage, Professional Birthing Support, Pregnancy Massage & Ear Coning. Aldea is known for her generosity, wisdom and her 'gift' for healing. Aldea is well known for her years in the business community and she continues to lecture on topics related to her field of expertise & interest.

Since opening in 1997, the Center has grown to include several associates, each offering their own special gifts. Each therapist is highly skilled in order to provide the public with safe, capable & up to date service. Our Massage Therapists are Licensed and Registered by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and have completed a minimum of 2200 hours.

With your tension relieved and your vitality restored, you leave this safe and supportive environment. Your realize that this time was completely devoted to your whole being. The professionalism, the full attention, the respect and quality of care was extraordinary and wonderfully healing. Knowing you can share this remarkable healing experience with your friends and family through gift certificates, is very gratifying.

We are proud to be members & associates of:

  • College of Massage Therapists of Ontario(CMTO)
  • Ontario Massage Therapy Association (OMTA)
  • Cornwall & Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Downtown BIA
  • Women Entrepreneurs of SD&G
  • YoungLivng Oils - Member
  • Nikken - Wellness Consultant
  • HTE Canada - Distributor
  • Canadian Society of Dowsers
  • Toronto Dowsers
  • International Org. of Nutritional Consultants

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